Heras launches their safest sliding gate on the UK market

In 2016 Heras decided to improve their existing sliding gate so that it would not only be one of the safest on the market, but also would be easy to install, and extremely reliable giving end users many years of trouble free operation. ‘Safety is at the heart of everything we do and it is especially important for automated gates and barriers.’ says Geoff Miles, National Sales Director at Heras in the UK.

Craftsmanship, high-quality materials and an excellent level of service: Heras continues to develop as a specialist in outdoor perimeter solutions. ‘We listen closely to the needs of our customers,’ Geoff Miles explains. ‘Development of the Safeglide 2 was no exception, our customers need both safe operation and excellent reliability. The product fulfills and often exceeds UK safety regulations.’

Not only has Heras developed a gate which is extremely safe and secure, the company is able to provide their customers and end users with a choice of various sizes, colours and infills for seamless integration into the overall perimeter solution.

Customer support
‘As a manufacturer it is our responsibility to ensure that all automated gates are designed, installed and operated safely,’ says Geoff Miles. ‘First, we visit customers to discuss design and installation requirements. We then provide training courses for installers and contractors so they can learn how to install and operate the gate safely. After the gate has been installed we revisit to carry out a final inspection and provide the end user with a certificate. Our customers can rely on us for excellent technical support.’

Installation and maintenance
Safeglide 2 is not only lightweight but also quick and easy to install thanks to its prefabricated modular construction. This plug and play solution was designed with installers in mind. In the event of any damage or malfunction, Heras keeps all spare parts in stock and their engineers are always available. This way Heras ensures that any potential out-of-service times are reduced to a minimum.