Heras wins tender for protecting TenneT HV substations

Heras, the European market leader in perimeter protection, will be providing security solutions for high-voltage substations operated by the nationwide Dutch HV substation grid operator TenneT. This includes the installation and maintenance of fences that deter and delay unwanted access.

Dirk-Jan Westendorp, Heras’ Country Manager for the Netherlands: “With the energy sector being a vital part of our society, any breakdowns and malfunctions can cause serious disruption to public life. In addition, problems involving our power supply can pose a threat to our national security. It is essential that these high-voltage substations are protected round the clock and to the maximum extent, so as to keep the risk of breakdowns and malfunctions to a minimum.”

Proven track record
Heras will be implementing effective, deterrent and delaying security measures for the various high-voltage substations in order to provide maximum protection against access by unauthorised and/or unwanted individuals. Westendorp: “Being awarded this contract is confirmation for us that Heras has a proven track record and that this is recognised as such. We look forward to working closely with TenneT in using our expertise and providing the appropriate security solutions for protecting vital infrastructure in the Netherlands.”