Soundproofing for governments and private individuals

Noise pollution has increased significantly in recent years. Apart from freight traffic, rail traffic and air traffic, industrial areas and business parks are also important sound sources. Civilians are even increasingly exposed to noise disturbance in their living environment because of sporting activities, recreation and neighbours. For public purposes, Heras uses the NOISE REDUCER®. Heras offers a complete series of soundproofing products, which meet the different requirements of both public and private purposes.

They were all certified and registered as soundproofing. Walls of the Koko Wall series are mainly used by municipalities. The same goes for the highly absorbing sound walls of the Noise Reducer product range. Public, large-scale projects not only demand specific sound technical qualifications. The stability also needs to be calculated and documented adequately.

Kötter illustrates: “If a two-metre high wall is built in the public sector, it often occurs that the foundation is also two metres wide. One metre on either side of the wall. This way the sound wall offers adequate resistance to the wind pressure, that mainly burdens the top part. For private projects these foundations are not an option of course.” “Since a few years we have been offering the KOKO WALL LITE® for instance, for the private market. Just like the name implies, it is a slimmed-down and very narrow version of the product for the public domain. Designers and architects like to use variants of the NOISE REDUCER® as soundproofing for generators and pumps in the countryside. A new product is the BAMBOO WALL® with a natural bamboo look,” Kötter adds.

Read the full interview with Matthias Kötter here.