Smart gates: Heras introduces Connect

Fully optimize your access solution. With Connect, it is now possible  to remotely monitor access to a site. Now you can ensure that your automatic gate, barrier or turnstile always works to its full potential.

It is a question asked increasingly by our customers: is it possible to gain more insight into the use of a gate and customised service based on this information? Heras now offers this capability with Connect. With Connect, a gate or other access point can be monitored and service adapted to suit its specific needs. This way maintenance issues are anticipated or prevented and if problems do arise, they are solved faster.


Connect provides a wireless connection between hardware installed in a gate, barrier or turnstile and an online portal. This allows vital operating parameters to be monitored, including open or closed position and the status of elements such as security lists or infrared. Via the portal, the customer or Heras can access details about their entrance and detect potential defects or malfunctions early.

Responsive notifications

Connect provides ultimate supervision over access solutions. The device instantly notifies you of a possible problem, so action can be taken without delay. In addition, a problem can be resolved faster because it is immediately clear where the problem occurs. As a result, there is minimal disruption of business continuity due to an  incorrectly functioning access party.

In combination with service

Collecting these obtained insights will enable a service approach that can adapt to specific requirements. Connect is available in combination with the Heras service solutions: Essential, Premium and Premium VIP. For more information,  go to Connect or call one of our experts at: 0808 164 2250