Heras launches new Noise Barrier range

Heras releases new Noise reducer which offers optimal protection against noise pollution.

 Doncaster, 12 October 2018 – Heras, a leading end to end supplier for perimeter protection in the UK and Europe, expands its range with a sound-insulating and sound-absorbing fence. This Noise reducer optimally protects against noise in which it is very quick to install, fully recyclable and can be covered with climbing plants as a green wall. The acoustic wall was also designed with space and durability in mind and as it takes up minimal building space and the life expectancy easily exceeds 25 years. With the new fence type, Heras offers an ideal solution for public places where perimeter protection and the prevention of noise pollution go hand in hand.

The Noise reducer is a light, effective and durable sound barrier with impressive sound-absorbing and sound-insulating values. The soundproofing is available in two versions: the Noise reducer and the Noise reducer HA. Both variants consist of a cleverly designed sandwich construction of PE mesh fabric, a core of sound-absorbing mineral wool and a thin metal plate for extra sound insulation. The Noise reducer has a maximum building height of three meters, whereas the Noise reducer HA is suitable for heights up to six meters. Thanks to an extra layer of mineral wool, this model offers more sound-absorbing capacity than the other variant.

Noise intrusion is a constant issue for densely populated countries. This can be caused by a number of things: children playing, industry, agriculture, heavy machinery and rail and road traffic. Noise is not only detrimental to residential and industrial environments, but in some cases even to personal health and welfare.

About Heras
Since its foundation in 1952, Heras has grown from a small, Dutch family business specialising in production fencing to an international complete supplier of perimeter protection. Heras is part of CRH and currently has offices in 12 European countries with 1100 employees. The company supplies fencing, entrance control and detection products. Heras also offers project management, system integration and installation, and maintenance services for perimeter protection across Europe.