Animals at care farm scratching around carefree again thanks to Heras

There are dozens of goats, chickens, rabbits and pigs walking around on the grounds of care farm “In the West”. The clients of the care farm love them. Due to a relocation, the farm needed new sturdy fencing for the animal shelters, but that would mean a considerable investment for the social organisation. Heras came to the rescue.

“Care farm In the West is a daytime activity for people with an intellectual disability or psychiatric problems,” says Daan van As, owner of care organization “Under the trees”, of which “In the West” is a part. “On the grounds of the care farm, clients take care of a vegetable garden and various animals. As a result of a recent move, we needed new fencing around the pigpen and rabbit hutch. This has to be sturdy, because pigs like to rub against the fencing; and for the rabbits, the fence has to be deep, otherwise they will burrow out”.

Looking for a warm heart

“Sturdy fences come with a price tag and as a care organisation, it is not easy to pay for something like this. The income we receive from the municipality is used for the professional support of our clients. That is why we are constantly looking for partners who are willing to financially support us with our other tasks. Heras was keen to help us with the realisation of the fencing around the animal shelters” said van As.

A helping hand

“The core values of Heras are: reliable, committed and expert,” explains Rene van der Donk, Heras’ sales consultant. “Committed means not only thinking along with our customers, but also taking an active role in society in protecting people and the environment. That is why we are happy to support.

Solid quality fencing

Both the pigs and the rabbits’ quarters are now surrounded by a new one-metre high steel mesh. Van As: “The fencing around the pigpen is divided into three zones where the pigs can graze and root. We alternate between these so that the areas can recover separately from all the rooting. The fencing also has a double gate so we can access it with a trailer. Under the rabbit hutch we have dug in concrete slab so that the rabbits cannot burrow out. Heras has made sure that the fencing fits exactly to the concrete slabs. We are very happy with the result. And so are the animals.