Top 5 Telephone Interview Tips

Surprisingly, with the current situation of the pandemic, the market is booming for candidates and there are many vacancies available across different industries. Looking for your next step in your career can be a nerve-wracking time as it involves application and interview processes.

Many employers interview processes start with a telephone interview and you may ask yourself, how do you stand out from other candidates and convince the interviewer that you will be a great asset to the team over the phone? Here are some ways you can make a great impression in your next telephone interview.

1. Preparation and Practice

Treat a telephone interview as you would any face-to-face interview. Research the company; look at their products, services, customers, stories, aims, values and mission statement. Think of ways you can incorporate your knowledge of the company into your answers, this shows you are interested in the company and already setting the scene of you working there.

Preparing and practicing answers will fill you with confidence in your interview. Although you do not know what the interviewer will ask, you can prepare different scenarios in your experience to be able to answer a variety of different questions.

You can also prepare answers by looking at the job description, more often than not, interview questions can be based on the job description and their essential criteria. It is important to prepare questions to ask the interviewer; by doing this, it shows that you are interested in the role, team and company and want to gain a deeper understanding of what it is like to work for the company.

2.Setting The Scene

It is key to ensure you are in a comfortable environment even when it is a telephone interview. Do not be afraid to ask to be called at specific time so that you know you will be ready to talk. If you are not alone in a quiet place, you can become easily distracted, there can be background noise so you may not be able to hear the question or the interviewer cannot hear you and it may become stressful.


In telephone interviews, it is important to still remain professional even though it is over the phone. When actively applying for jobs, you may start receiving phone calls from phone numbers you do not recognise. This is your first chance to make a great first impression, put your best telephone voice on and answer in a professional manner for example, “Good afternoon John speaking”.

Throughout the telephone interview, make sure you remain professional and communicate clearly with the interviewer. By doing this, it shows that they would be able to trust you to communicate with their internal and external customers in a professional manner.

4. Show Enthusiasm

People spend a lot of time within their team at work, which is why it is vital to find the right person to fit within the team and the business. When bringing in someone new to the business employers are looking for candidates who are enthusiastic and keen to work for the company in this role. This is why on a telephone interview you should show enthusiasm and you can show this in your voice.

5. End The Interview On A Positive Note

Even if the role is not right for you by closing the interview on a positive note, this will still leave a good impression, as you never know what future vacancies may become available. Usually, the interviewer will ask if you have any more questions, which you can ask your prepared questions. Once concluded thank the interviewer for their time and wish them a nice day.

There you have our top 5 tips to prepare you for your next telephone interview. Heras has a variety of job opportunities available, take a look and apply today at . Good luck in your job search!