The pros and cons of different types of security fencing

Are you looking for security fencing?  The first step of the buying and specification process will consist of insight in the required type of fence. But this first step can already be complex and raise many questions. In this article, we will take a closer look at the various types of fencing and give you the tools you need to choose the right one for your company. 

Security fencing for all applications  

Fencing is used to demarcate an area and is therefore the basis for good physical security. Good fencing makes it difficult or even impossible for unauthorized persons to gain access. There are fences in many shapes and sizes. Some fences are primarily to mark the premises. Others have a deterrent and dissuasive function or are very hard to cut through, or climb over like the Zenith SR rated fence lines. The various range of fences offers companies, authorities and associations a suitable solution for each specific situation. 

The various range of fences


From business premises to educational institutions and from high-profile locations to car parks: there is a suitable railing for every location. Railings are safe, reliable and versatile, and suitable for low to medium risk sites. With capped or bow tops it offers increased protection for medium to high security sites.  

Every railing from Heras has its own application, features and meets all applicable standards and legislation. This guarantees the safety of people, material and premises and makes every outdoor environment exceptionally safe. Tangorail for example with capped or bow railings is self-raking, eco-friendly and provides optimum site safety and security.  

Welded mesh fencing 

Welded mesh fencing offers medium to high security. Low heights do not have any protrusions and is therefore a safe form of protection, also for children and animals. If protection against climbing is required, the wires can be allowed to protrude a little. Due to the vertical design, it is hardly impossible to climb over a welded mesh fence. In addition, basic welded mesh fencing requires a low investment and offers therefore top security within reach for everyone.   

Heras offers different types of welded mesh fencing. Triton is designed to be resilient and yet remain unobtrusive and elegant. Pallas combines the transparency and versatility of chain link fences with the strength and appearance of bar fencing. Zenith is LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) certified, extremely safe and secure, easy to install and designed to last. 

Noise barriers 

Noise barriers are a potential solution for everyone who is concerned with future and current environmental developments. The noise isolation and absorption values offer a robust noise barrier that caters for the most varied situations in our busy and crowded living space. The noise reduction wall also protects your privacy and safety by creating a site perimeter and a barrier against intruders.  Noise barriers can reduce noise by up to 30dB, and their flat surface prevents climbing. 

The Noise reducer from Heras is an effective sound wall with high noise insulation and absorption properties, and plant-friendly surfaces. Because durable materials are used, the core of the Noise reducer is completely recyclable which makes it an eco-friendly solution. The design offers a minimal footprint and can be applied in almost every situation, from narrow yards, alongside highways or around equipment like air-conditioning units. 

How to decide which security fencing you need 

Many questions need to be asked before deciding which security fencing you need. Is low, medium or high security needed? Is security fencing needed with a level of deterrent? Does it need to be eco-friendly. Information on criminal behavior in the past and the value of the premises and items in it is also something to consider and will help you to determine the right level of protection.  

Don’t forget as well that the materials you choose are an investment.  A chain link fence can seem a cost-effective option, but damage and repairs can quickly add up over time. Choosing the right materials early on will help ensure you have a quality product that will protect your site for years to come.  

Ask the experts 

Established in 1952, Heras has successfully met and exceeded customer safety and security needs across Europe. It is this track record, combined with the ever-developing skill set of our personnel that enables us to say that we are the experts in perimeter protection. So, if you’re not sure what kind of security fencing you need for your property, then get in contact with one of our experts. We will be more than happy to advise and talk you through the process.