Steve Dobby

Product Manager (Detection)

Steve Dobby, Product Manager (Detection)

Working at Heras in the UK Steve shares his experience working for Heras. “Heras is a multinational company with a lot of variety and is a great place to work”

What is your role at Heras?

“My function at Heras is Product Manager. I am responsible for the Detection portfolio of products within the group.”

What is your daily tasks?

“On a daily basis my tasks include being responsible for the product line of detection products. From product inception, product improvements to the end of life of the products.”

What makes your work great?

“What makes working at Heras great is working with such lovely colleagues. We are all very like-minded people who are passionate about getting the job done but also have fun when working and it makes coming in every day a pleasure.”

Are there any projects you have worked on that you are proud of?

“Projects that I have worked on are many and varied. I deal with client enquiries alongside my sales estimator and project manager colleagues, we put together technical solutions that meet the clients’ needs.”

How would you describe the work atmosphere at Heras?

“The atmosphere at Heras is very positive and cohesive. It’s almost like like a little family really. We all work together to get the job done and it feels good to solve the issues and provide solutions on a daily basis.”

Does Heras allow much room for growth?

“Heras promotes growth by encouraging their employees. I always have the support of my boss and my colleagues. I’m always encouraged to use my initiative. There’s something new every day and it’s a good challenge.”

What’s your favourite part about working at Heras?

“The best part of working at Heras is I get to travel around the country to our offices around the UK, I meet up with customers, attend trade shows and events, and work with a lot of colleagues particularly in the Netherlands and also other parts of Europe. It’s a multinational company with a lot of variety and is a great place to work”

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