Rob Kelemen Installation manager

Working at Heras in the UK Rob shares his experience working for Heras. ‘Not many places let you grow as I have done at Heras.

What is your role at Heras?

“As an installation manager, we look after jobs from point of enquiry to completion and everything that goes on in between. This could be general running of the depot, arranging procurement of materials, completing site surveys, managing the teams on site, producing risk assessments and method statements, or pre-sales engineering, all the while liaising with customers and making sure the jobs are executed as smoothly as possible.”

What makes your work great?

“What makes my job interesting is that no two jobs are the same. Every single job is different, every site is unique and every client has different requirements.”

Are there any projects that you are proud that you took part in?

“I’m proud of a number of different projects that we’ve worked on. We work with a wide variety of clients. We could be looking at a single panel fence repair for a school, a complete rebuild at an Amazon site, or more ambitious projects at industrial sites, maximum security governmental sites or prisons.”

How would you describe the work atmosphere at Heras?

“The work atmosphere at Heras is really positive. My job is fairly unique in that I have the opportunity to be working with people from across the business. For example at any one time I could be working with the production lads out on the shop floor to help with a bit of bespoke manufacturing, working with the sales team to win work, or working with other project managers in other locations in the UK or over into Europe.”

Does Heras allow much room for personal growth?

“I started working at Heras 10 years ago assembling TangoRail panels in the factory. Over the years I have progressed through a number of different jobs including in quality control, on the CAD team, contracts supervisor and ultimately now where I am today. I’m looking forward to seeing where my career goes in the next 10 years.”

What is your favourite part about working at Heras?

“One of my favourite things about working at Heras are that no two days are the same. Every day offers its own challenges and you never know where each day is going to take you. Not many places let you grow as I have done at Heras.”

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