Maintenance during the warranty period? Three reasons why it makes perfect sense

Maintain your sliding gate while you have a twelve month warranty. It’s easy to believe this is unnecessary. That is a common fallacy. Indeed, there are crucial reasons for maintaining your security solution during the warranty period. In this blog, Renate Kerssens, Service Expert at Heras, reveals the three most important.

A gate has to do its job. Especially just after purchase. If the gate shows a defect for which Heras is responsible within a predetermined period, you can rely on the warranty. In this case, we would replace the broken part or the entire product. After all, we guarantee the quality of all of our security products. But does such a guarantee mean you don’t have to look after your gate? No. Certainly not. I’ll tell you why.

1. Continued compliance with legislation

A gate may open and close more frequently each day than you realize. When opening and closing, parts such as gears and bottom beams, can wear out. If you do not do maintenance for a year, you will have no insight into the degree of wear. This may jeopardize compliance with the legal regulations regarding sliding gates. Every automatic sliding gate must comply with CE certification and guidelines that ensure that the gate is safe. If your gate is not regularly checked and serviced, there is a chance that your gate will become unsafe without your knowledge.

2. Limiting liability

An average automatic sliding gate can easily weigh around 700 kilos. Suppose something happens to your gate that leads to damage to cars or even physical injury to a person. If you do not have a service contract, in many cases the owner of the company or site is liable. You are also responsible as the owner, according to the aforementioned CE guidelines, to record the maintenance history of the gate. If you invest in a service contract, responsibility is partly with the service provider and you will be provided with a maintenance log.

3. Quick solution to any problems

Is your gate broken? Then this has potentially major consequences for your daily operation, for example because employees or suppliers cannot enter your site. In addition, your site is no longer protected against intruders, so there is a greater chance of burglary and theft. A service contract defines the maximum response time for the service provider. This way you can be sure that your site is optimally secured again and that you can resume daily operations quickly.

Long-term benefits of early maintenance

A sliding gate could be on your property for decades. The sooner you start servicing your gate, the more you will extend the life of the gate. With a technician regularly checking your gate, you also reduce the risk of malfunctions and unsafe situations.

No worries about your security

Having your gate serviced during the warranty period ensures that you continue to comply with legislation. In addition, you limit your liability in the event of accidents and you can be sure that you can quickly resume work, maintaining business continuity in the event of problems. In short, by maintaining your gate, you are investing in your peace of mind. That way you can fully concentrate on your work.

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