Autumn is coming! How to prevent damage to your fences, access and detection systems

The weather can be extreme in autumn. And with that in mind, you want to prepare your premises for bad weather. Of course, we test our solutions extensively against all kinds of weather conditions. But as an owner, you can also take a number of measures yourself to prevent damage during a storm.

 When we install our solutions, we take into account the possible wind strengths that occur at the location of your premises. Strong winds or storms are therefore unlikely to have a direct effect on the fences, access and detection systems on your sites.

Yet there is a chance that severe storms will cause damage. For example, trees or branches falling on your fence, gate or detection system. Or because loose material is blown against them. Storms can also cause malfunctions from short-circuting electronics due to lightning, or objects like waste containers and heavy tree branches coming into contact with sensors.

How do you prevent storm damage to your site security?

A good way to prevent damage is to keep the area around your fences, access and detection systems clear. For example, by pruning overhanging branches that could fall onto your gate and/or fence. If your site security includes detection systems, it is wise to clear away any loose materials on your site. For example, if large plastic material repeatedly blows against your detection wires, the alarm may go off unintentionally. It may even trigger the security or alarm centre unnecessarily.

If you have regular maintenance carried out on your site security, you are probably already aware of the potential risks on site. Our technicians not only ensure that your security is in top condition and can therefore withstand a (wind) storm. They also always scan the terrain for possible dangers to your fences, access and detection systems.

Damage? Here’s how to handle it quickly

When bad weather is forecast, we ensure that the Service department is running at maximum capacity. This way, we can respond to damage reports and implement the necessary repairs as quickly as possible.

Contact Heras

Have your fences, access and/or detection systems sustained storm damage? Then contact the Heras Service Department. There are many ways to do so. Customers with a service contract including an agreed response time can even reach us 365 days a year and 24 hours a day.

Take photos of the damage

If your fences, access and/or detection systems have suffered damage, you naturally want to know how quickly we can repair them. This depends to a large extent on the damage. Therefore we would like to get the best possible picture of the situation. Take photos of the damage and share them with the Service Department. This way, we can send our mechanics out better prepared. It will also enable us to quickly send you a quote that you will need to coordinate with your insurer.

Business continuity ensured

The speed of action also depends on your service contract and whether we have the necessary materials in stock. Heras has stock locations throughout the country with spare parts. If the damage is limited, it can often be repaired immediately. If the damage is too severe, we will provide a temporary emergency solution. This ensures that your site security is intact until we can carry out the full repair.

Have your fences, access and/or detection systems suffered damage? Or do you have questions about Heras service solutions? Then visit our Service page.