Our Heras experts work together to design, manufacture, install and service solutions to suit every sector and situation. We supply fencing, entrance & control and detection products. We also provide project management, system integration and installation and maintenance services for perimeter protection projects throughout Europe.

As part of our comprehensive support package, we supply documentation to help you gather relevant advice, write a product specification or work out your security plan. This documentation includes the Heras Security Model, blueprint solutions per sector, plus specification text, manuals and technical drawings. Our experts are permanently on call to answer your questions.

Heras Security Model

We develop our solutions according to the Heras Security Model: demarcate, deter, detect, delay and control access. It is essential that you carefully manage who has access to your terrain and who doesn’t. The Security Model combines the most effective protection strategies to provide a reliable, layered security for every location.

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The Heras Security Model combines the most effective security theories and therefore forms a reliable, layered security for your site.

Blueprint Solutions

Our solutions for perimeter protection are carefully matched to the market needs. We protect and secure residential homes and surroundings, plus government and business locations. Although some requirements and situations are specific for a particular sector, we are experts in creating unique sector specific solutions.

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When we talk about the Governmental sector, we mean all buildings, grounds and assets of a country or a state. The most important goal here is to protect people and society as a whole.

Public areas with unrestricted access and where a general feeling of safety is crucial.

The sector Production and Industry primarily concerns companies that use machines to manufacture and mass-produce articles. The goal here is to protect the goods without disturbing the company processes.

Are you mostly busy with transporting people, livestock and goods from one location to another by road, water, rail or air? Or do you need to store goods? In both cases, the main goal is to efficiently transport and store the goods in the cheapest and quickest way possible.

Product downloads

Click on the icons below to download product related information. Our database includes User manuals, Installation manuals Assembly manuals, product specifications and technical drawings. Click below for more information per category.

Our experts are here to help

Heras realises your security requirements with a complete program including technical specifications, building plans, specification texts and calculations. The expert electrical and mechanical engineers at Heras have already taken into consideration all aspects of the system design. If you have questions regarding specific information, our experts are ready to respond to you. In addition, we can arrange training courses at our Customer experience center or a location of your choice where you can request specific training for your employees.