A gate that no longer opens or closes leads to annoying situations and inconvenience. To prevent this, Heras offers service solutions that keep your product in optimal condition.

With a service contract you can keep your installation in optimal condition. We offer service, repair and maintenance carried out on Heras and non-Heras products by our qualified experts. Heras service solutions reduce the risk of malfunctions, unsafe situations and unexpected costs. With our nationwide service coverage and 24/7 availability, we are always there for you.

Why choose service from Heras?

  • A national service solution on your full perimeter protection
  • Ensure compliance with local safety laws
  • Extend the lifespan of your installation
  • Reduce the risk of disruptions or unsafe situations
  • Fully trained and qualified skilled engineers
  • Cost savings in the longer term
  • Ensure your perimeter protection operates to optimum performance
  • Customise your service solution to your business requirements

Which service solution
suits your needs?

Service Essential

Service Essential is our basic coverage. The essential to keep the safety and security of your site up to standard.

  • Two maintenance inspections per annum
  • Discount on spares and labour
  • 12 month warranty on the repair
  • An engineer will attend site normally within 72 hrs of the fault being reported
  • Technical Support

Premium Service

Choose for minimal disruption to your business continuity.

  • Two maintenance inspections per annum
  • Discount on spares and labour
  • 12 month warranty on the repair
  • An engineer will atend site normally within 48 hrs of the fault being reported
  • Technical Support

Premium VIP

Customized solution, where you can fully customize the service to your needs.

  • Two maintenance inspections per annum
  • Discount on spares and labour
  • 12 month warranty on the repair
  • An engineer will attend site normally within 24 hrs of the fault being reported
  • Technical Support
  • Monthly KPI reporting

Advantages of service,
repair and maintenance by Heras

Frequently asked questions
Service and maintenance

Why do I need service and maintenance?

A gate often stands on your site for decades, and is subject to wear and tear due to the many movements and influences from outside. The sooner you start servicing your gate, the more you will extend its service life. Because a mechanic regularly checks your door, you also reduce the risk of malfunctions and unsafe situations.

What are the differences between the various maintenance contracts?

At Heras, we have designed three different packages. The Essential package is our basic coverage. With this package, we guarantee the safety of your equipment.

Do you want more security and is the continuity of your business important? If so, then opt for our Premium package, in which we offer you a standard response time of 48 hours in the event of breakdowns. In some cases customisation is required, for which we offer the Premium VIP package.

You don’t have to make this choice on your own, our experts will advise you what suits your needs and wishes.

What about gate safety?

At Heras, safety comes first! If you purchase a gate from Heras, you can rest assured that this gate meets the current CE requirements and can therefore be used safely. If you have a service contract, our service technicians will check safety during annual maintenance, including whether the gate still meets the necessary requirements.

Am I responsible for the safety of gates?

As the owner, you are responsible for the maintenance and keeping the installation safe. In practice, we often notice that owners are not aware of this. As a result, a gate only receives maintenance when the gate no longer works or, even worse, has caused an unsafe situation.

What are the advantages of adding Connect to my service contract?

By adding Connect you always have insight into the operational status of your equipment. Within the different packages, Connect offers different possibilities. Within Essential you choose to monitor your own port. If you prefer Heras to do this for you, then choose Premium. This can identify a malfunction or defect, sometimes even before you realise that something is wrong.

As a contract customer, what are the advantages over customers without a contract?

All our contract customers take priority over the non-contract customers and have the benefit of receive a discount on our call outs, hourly rates and spare parts, as well as Technical Support and assistance. For Premium + Premium VIP customers we can also be reached outside office hours, so that we can be on site faster in the event of a malfunction or defect.

What does a 24 hour response time mean?

If you have opted for Premium VIP, we guarantee that in the event of an electrical fault our service technician will be on site within 24 hours after notification.