Service Premium VIP

service tailored to your needs

With Premium VIP you opt for customisation. By choosing Premium VIP we can fully adapt the service to your wishes.

Together we determine, for example how quickly a technician must be on site to solve a problem. We proactively deal with a possible malfunction or error message. Of course we also carry out maintenance on the security of your site and you regularly receive additional periodic reports and statistics.

Based on your wishes and needs, our experts will provide advice on service and maintenance on your premises.

Service Premium VIP

  • Two maintenance inspections per annum
  • Discount on spares and labour
  • Technical support given if required
  • 12 month warranty on the repair
  • All initial call outs (labour and replacement parts) due to system failure
  • Monthly KPI reporting, if required
  • An engineer will attend site, normally within 24 hours of the fault being reported

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Combine with Heras Connect

Our service solutions are ideal in combination with Heras Connect. By adding Heras Connect to your service soltuion you can remotely monitor your gates. this also make it possible to adjust the periodic maintenance requirement to the actual use of the gate.

Predictive maintenance

By keeping a close eye on the status of your entrance points through automated and customizable alerts, Heras enables you to move from reactive service into a more predictive service approach.

Facility management

The data from Heras Connect is the basis for reports for facility or security management giving insight into the status and performance of the gates on your perimeter.

Extended monitoring and reporting

  • Alerts and notifications
  • Access to Heras Cloud Portal
  • Remote monitoring entrance points by Heras
  • Overview status of automated gates
  • Pro-active gate monitoring by Heras
  • Maintenance notification based on gate usage
  • Periodic reports and statistics on gate status

Why Choose for Heras Connect?

By adding Heras Connect to your service solution, you are in control of your entrance . It improves business continuity and minimizes downtime of your perimeter. With Heras Connect you have peace of mind that your entrance is operational and functional and your perimeter is safe and secure at all times.

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