Rapid repair services

Report damage and maintenance issues instantly online

If one of your fences, gates or detection systems gets damaged or goes offline, it doesn’t just ruin your day. It can also have serious consequences for your site’s safety, security, and business continuity.

You need to act fast—and the Heras Service team is here to help you. Report the damage directly to us online. We’ll help you get your perimeter protection systems back up and running as soon as possible.

Report your fence repair online

Imagine you arrive at work tomorrow morning and find a broken gate. If your first step is to search the Internet for “electric gate repairs near me”, you can do better.

We can help you be more proactive about fence and gate maintenance. Working with the Heras Service team minimises the time and cost to replace a fence. And when there’s a problem, you can instantly report the damage online.


Proactive fence repairs and electric gate maintenance

Has a vehicle collision left you needing an automatic gate repair? Have storm damage or strong winds necessitated fence repairs? Has your detection system been vandalised?

When you work with the Heras Service team, here’s what happens next:

  1. Contact us via the online form
  2. We’ll dispatch our experts to your site to assess the damage.
  3. If we can, we’ll resolve the problem immediately or find a temporary fix.
  4. If we need to make complex repairs, we’ll send you a quote for the work required.
  5. Consult your insurer to find out whether they’ll cover the damage.



Tip: take pictures of the damage

The speed of your fence or gate repair will depend on the extent of the damage. So, it’s helpful for us to get a clear picture of the situation as early as possible.

When you’re reporting a repair, send pictures of the damage to the Heras Service team. Our technicians can then prepare to solve your problem before they arrive on site. We can also quickly send you a quote for your insurer.

Common reasons for fence repair

  • Vehicle collision damage
  • Extreme weather damage
  • Damage from burglaries
  • Vandalism

Collision damage

When a car or truck hits your gate, barrier, or fence, the damage could impact the security of your site. Even if you don’t notice any problems immediately, the collision may have caused hidden damage. So, it’s always a smart move to contact the Heras Service team.

Burglary damage

Do you have to deal with damage caused by an attempted or successful burglary? We’ll spring into action to help you re-secure your site. Then we’ll help you analyse whether your current security strategy still fits your business operations.

A burglary attempt may indicate that thieves have discovered a weakness in your defences. Has the situation changed? Are you sufficiently secure? Our experts will use the Heras Security Model to advise on how best to protect your site.


Vandalism may not threaten the security of your site, but it can seriously damage the aesthetics. You’ll want to remedy this as quickly as possible, especially at high-profile sites and public spaces. Our experts are ready to repair, renovate or replace your fencing quickly.

Troubleshooting and preventive maintenance

If you have a problem with your entrance control systems, we’ll start by investigating the issue remotely. You can help us troubleshoot by phone or use our smart Connect Service, or we can check if we have a mechanic nearby. Our service technician will then visit your site to fix the issue within the response time in your service contract.

Regular maintenance is often the best way to avoid and prevent downtime. That’s why we include annual preventive maintenance in all our service and maintenance solutions.


Quick solution

When you have damage to a gate or fence, you obviously want a quick solution. This is important for the continuity of your business, so that your business does not stop.

At Heras, we solve the problem for you. We make sure that we arrive within the agreed time and fix the problem.

We are available to our customers 24/7, and have national coverage. There is always a service technician near you.

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