Predictive maintenancePredict and prevent problems on your perimeter protection

As the owner of a company or the manager responsible for the assets of your organisation, you want to minimise any disruption to your business continuity. You want your operations to continue as planned. And you preferably want to minimise any sudden interruptions to your daily business.

Modern smart technologies enable us to maintain assets more efficiently. We no longer need to rely on observations, averages or expectations. Instead, we base our maintenance on the actual condition of the assets. This enables us to perform maintenance as a proactive service when  parameters show that an asset is starting to perform less. We can then prevent assets from breaking down or malfunctioning and prevent the negative consequences. This approach is called predictive maintenance.

With predictive maintenance, you prevent problems with your perimeter protection. Download our whitepaper for more information.

Download whitepaper predictive maintenance:

Download our whitepaper to read more about predictive maintenance.

Advantages for your business:

  • Reduce disruption to your business continuity
  • Increase the security in your organisation
  • Improve planning management
  • Comply with applicable rules and standard
  • Save costs by preventing faults and defect

If you choose service and maintenance by Heras, you can choose to add Heras Connect, our smart platform with which you put predictive maintenance into practice.

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