Damage or malfunction to your gate or fence?

Has a vehicle hit your gate? Do you have damage to your fencing due to a storm or strong wind? Perhaps you have a malfunction that prevents your gate from opening or closing? Contact Heras, our experts are on hand, so you can report your damage or malfunction immediately.


Easily deal with damage or malfunction using this easy step-by-step:

  1. Contact the Heras service department
  2. Our engineer or surveyor will attend site to record damage or malfunction
  3. Damage or malfunction is solved (immediately or temporary)
  4. We issue advice on the repair of complex damage
  5. Remember to consult your insurer in case of damage
  6. You will receive a report of completion of the work

What are the most common types of damage?

  1. Collision damage
  2. Damage from weather
  3. Burglary damage
  4. Damage from vandalism
  5. Malfunction

Collision damage

When a vehicle has hit your gate, barrier or fence, you want to solve it as soon as possible. The damage may cause difficulties in opening and closing the gate, which may adversely affect the security of your site or restrict passage. Even if you do not immediately notice, it is possible that the collision caused unseen damage. You should always contact Heras Service.

Burglary damage

When damage is caused by a break-in or attempted break-in, it is important not to look at repair alone. Of course, we ensure that the security of your site is in order as soon as possible. Afterwards, it is important to analyze whether the current security of your site is still working as intended and in line with your business operations. A burglary attempt indicates that thieves have identified a weakness. Has something changed? Is the site still sufficiently secured? Our experts can advise on this based on the Heras Security Model.

Read more about this method here.

Storm damage

When installing our gates and fencing, we anticipate potential wind force in any given location. Strong winds or storms therefore have no direct effect on your gate or fence. There is still potential for fallen trees or loose material on your site or nearby to causes damage during a storm or strong wind. Do you have storm damage? Contact us, so that the security of your site is in order as soon as possible.

Damage due to vandalism

Additionally, it may be that aesthetic damage has occurred to your gate, for example, visible damage caused by vandalism. Of course, you want to remedy this as quickly as possible, especially in important locations, such as at a head office or other area with lots of visitors. Even then, our experts are ready for you to renovate or replace the fencing where needed.

Failure also leads to inconvenience

Of course, you may also need service to resolve a malfunction. In the event of a malfunction, we will work with you remotely to provide an initial investigation. This can be done by phone, through Connect, or we check to see if a mechanic is nearby. Then our service technician will attend site to fix the fault within the set time (see your service contract for the response time). Remember that most malfunctions can be avoided by having regular maintenance performed. Annual preventive maintenance for the security of your site is included in our service offering.

Quick solution

When you have damage to a gate or fence, you obviously want a quick solution. This is important for the continuity of your business, so that your business does not stop. But also, so that, for example, the site is secured and lockable after closing time.

At Heras, we solve the problem for you. We make sure that we arrive within the agreed time. Usually we can solve the problem immediately, sometimes a temporary solution is needed, until the right parts are available.

We are available to our customers 24/7, and have national coverage. There is always a service technician near you. Depending on the service contract you have chosen, we will be on site within the predetermined time.

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