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  • Product Information

    The solar-powered Solaris is a wireless high-performance infrared barrier for effective and invisible detection. It works as follows:
    1. A transmitter column (TX) of cells and a receiver column (RX) of cells are installed face-to-face over a maximum separation of 100 m.
    2. The transmitter cells send pulsed infrared beams towards the receiver cells which transform them into electrical signals.
    3. If the transmitted signal is lost (interrupted), an intrusion alarm is triggered via short wave radio signals to a centrally located radio receiver.

    For multi-unit installations, connect the Solaris to a Maxibus universal hub to centralize and coordinate all alarm signals from a maximum 96 columns.

    • Highly effective infrared detection up to 100 metres
    • Fully autonomous (solar powered and wireless)
    • Guaranteed reliability in all weather conditions
    • Multiplexing prevents interference
    • Dynamic radio network (coded and unique protocol)