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  • Product Information

    Perimbar: external infra-red beam detection system for perimeter security

    Product specifications:

    • Attractive and discreet for visually sensitive areas
    • Highly effective up to 150 meters
    • Exceptional immunity to false alarms
    • Tamper proof
    • Perimbar is the obvious first choice for perimeter protection in a variety of commercial, governmental and domestic applications, worldwide

    Perimbar projects infra-red beams between transmitters and receivers spaced up to 150 meters apart. If an intruder breaks one of these beams, Perimbar will immediately activate an alarm. 
    If a physical barrier already exists, Perimbar can also be effectively deployed either above or just inside the barrier to guarantee the ultimate security solution of physical deterrence and invisible detection.
    The transmitters and receivers are built into discrete, attractive and robust towers that perfectly blend in with landscaped or environmentally sensitive areas. This means when it isn’t aesthetically desirable or cost-effective to secure large expanses of open ground with either fencing or walls, Perimbar’s advanced electronics are tailored to provide the ideal solution.

    In common with all other Geoquip infra-red beams, Perimbar has exceptional immunity to false alarms caused by sunlight, air turbulence, adjacent moving objects, and the effects of RFI. Unlike passive detectors, the beams cannot be covered, masked or inadvertently blocked without setting off an alarm. Any attempt to scale the unit is immediately detected either by the sensitive internal beams being breached, or by the cleverly designed anti-climb-over top cap being activated.

    Perimbar goes much further in security protection with its unique Synclink and optional sync line monitor. Synclink ensures that individual receivers will only respond to their own transmitters. This avoids interference between units, allowing for closer beam spacing, and provides the ideal solution for irregularly shaped perimeters.
    For greater security, Perimbar detects an additional transmitter being inserted to overcome the system. Another unique feature is that transmitters at the bottom of a tower can be directed at receivers in the top of other towers – this overcome the effects of undulating ground.
    In other words, Perimbar offers significantly higher security and is the only system capable of working effectively with uneven ground and unusually shaped compounds.

    Perimbar is also unique in that it is available in virtually any column height from one meter to ten meters. Perimbar’s modular construction means that beams and their associated heaters and other modules can be fitted in virtually any configuration. This allows you to space the units for maximum security. Indeed, Geoquip has installed systems with beams every 150 mm – a configuration unmatched by any competitive system.