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  • Product Information

    The Maxiris high-performance infrared barriers create an effective and invisible detection system that works as follows:
    1. A transmitter column (TX) and a receiver column (RX) are installed face-to-face over a maximum separation of 100 m.
    2. The transmitter cells send pulsed infrared beams towards the receiver cells which transform them into electrical signals.
    3. If more than 95% of the transmitted signal is lost (interrupted), an intrusion alarm is triggered.

    Maxiris can be remotely programmed via a web server, making installation, operation and maintenance convenient and easy. For multi-unit installations, connect all Maxiris units to a Maxibus Universal hub to centralize and coordinate all alarm signals from a maximum 96 columns.

    • Highly effective infrared detection
    • Precise intrusion location (zone function)
    • Remote (TCP/IP) configuration and maintenance
    • Modular pre-wired housings for most site requirements • Multiplexing prevents interference