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G-fence 600Z series

  • Product Information

    G-fence 600C is an electronic sensor system which detects unauthorised access to fenced locations. It is used to secure up to 600 metre perimeter while guaranteeing a 1 second alarm response time and a precise intrusion location within 3 m.

    G-fence 600Z is suitable for various types of fences including all mesh fences, the equipment is easy to install and can be quickly and easily replaced if the cable is damaged during an intrusion attempt.

    The system consists of:

    • Cable(s) attached along the fence line with detector sensors (digital accelerometers) at 3 m intervals
    • Control units (UG) with relay outputs, ethernet link
    • Cable termination/link units (UT/UR) to connect a maximum of 10 alarm zones over a maximum 600 m fence line

    The detection system works as follows:

    1. Activity along the fence line (climbing, cutting, pulling) causes the sensor to vibrate changing its aligned X, Y and Z axes position.
    2. The nearest control unit analyses the vibration movement and filters out false alarms caused by weather conditions or passing vehicles.
    3. Genuine alarms activate a warning via the relay alarm outputs from the control unit. The sensors are auto calibrating and the vibration sensibility is adjustable per fence panel.