Swing gate B930

Crash tested gate

The B930 has been crash tested at the UK Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) to the internationally recognised PAS 68:2005 standard, achieving V/7500(N3)/80/90:0/0. Withstanding the impact with marginal damage, the B930 continued to operate as normal after the test. The gate is also certified to the K12 standard by the US Department of State.

Among the benefits of the B930 are its speed of operation and the ability to stop not only HGVs but also motorcycles and pedestrians, distinguishing itself above the alternative options of road blockers, bollards and barriers.

The B930 sometimes referred to as the VeeGate is also listed on the CPNI Catalogue of Security Equipment

With an imposing physical presence, the B930 is the ideal solution for High Security sites where the ultimate level of protection is required. Unlike road blockers and bollards, no elements are located within the roadway ensuring long term reliable operation and low long term ‘cost of ownership’.

  • PAS 68:2005 Crash tested and rated; continued to operate immediately following test completion, sustaining only superficial damage and with zero penetration onto site from aggressor vehicle or significant debris
  • High speed, efficient and adjustable open and close cycle
  • Ultra high-impact capability
  • Minimal site clearance required, low footprint shallow foundation design
  • Provides maximum perimeter security without the need for additional product integration

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