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B801 Retractable SpeedWing

  • Product Information

    The Broughton 801 Retractable SpeedWing regulates the flow of people in transit, combining an elegant, aesthetically pleasing design, with solid practical construction – giving customers a compact package for virtually any application. Broughton 801 uses optical detectors, clever microprocessor control and high tech methacrylate clear retractable panels, to prevent unauthorised passage.

    When combined with appropriate access/reading equipment it can allow authorised users to pass with almost no delay. Manufactured to particularly high stands of finish, Broughton 801 is suitable for office entrances, receptions, banks and airports; in fact any prestige location where looks as well as operation are important.

    Broughton 801 is available in single and dual lane units which can be combined to provide any number if passageways cost effectively. Just one of a range of advanced entrance control
    products from the UK’s entrance control leader, Broughton 801 designs are based on years of experience and combine attention to detail with innovation to ensure quality and reliability are built in. Quality after-sales maintenance and service support ensure long term satisfaction.

  • Specification

    • Available in 2 versions: BCL 801 SpeedWing and BCL 801 SpeedWing E (Equalities Act Compliant) for passage of disabled people
    • Housings in brushed stainless steel AISI 304/316
    • Standard orientation pictogram located around leading front edge (Red/Green)
    • Cable entry from the underside of the cabinet
    • Black laminate top cover, with plexiglass cut-out for the installation of proximity card reader and optional function pictogram
    • Access to the mechanical and electronic system by key locked side panels
    • Detection of unauthorized entries by photocells
    • Doors moving by direct current engines, with variable alternate coupling
    • Wings: 12 mm thick tempered shaped crystal glass (wing heights: 1000, 1200, 1700, 1900 mm)