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B801 SlimLane

  • Product Information

    The Broughton 801 SpeedWing SlimLane regulates the flow of people in transit, combining an elegant, aesthetically pleasing design, with solid practical construction giving customers a compact package for virtually any application.

    Already installed in many office entrances, receptions, banks, airports and other prestige locations where looks as well as operation are important. The Broughton 801 SpeedWing SlimLane is an extremely high quality product which will give many years of reliable operation.

    The designs combine attention to detail with innovation to ensure quality and reliability are built in. Quality after-sales maintenance and service support ensures long term satisfaction.

  • Specification

    • High performance of safety flow
    • Electric bi-directional function
    • Available in 3 versions: 801 SL (Single Leaf), 801 DL (Double Leaf) and 801 W (Wide Lane)
    • Interfacing with any card reader systems
    • Housings in brushes stainless steel AISI 304L
    • Orientation pictograms located in end railing posts. (LED—Red/Green)
    • Function pictograms located in central railing posts. (LED—Red/Green)
    • Plexi-glass cut outs for the installation of flush mounted proximity card readers within housings
    • Glass Wings: 10 mm thick tempered glass. (Wing heights—900, 1200, 1700, 1900 mm)
    • Detection of unauthorised entries and safety of passage by high-density matrix of photocells
    • Bi-directional electromagnetic drive units complete with lock to prevent forced passage
    • Operating with no manual contact
    • Minimum opening/closing time: 0.7 seconds
    • Power: 220V-60Hz
    • Ground fixing by expansion bolts
    • Cable entry from the underside, through central railing posts
    • Access to the mechanical and electronic system by key locked side panels