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  • Product Information

    Designed and tested to the ‘Enhanced Standard’, resisting a considerable degree of physical attack. Even an unsupervised entrance within the perimeter is maintained as a strong point by restricting entry to authorised personnel only.

    Designing the product to resist the demanding dynamic and load tests along with resistance to manual intervention has involved hundreds of hours of component testing, computer modelling and physical testing of prototypes by our highly experienced design team.

    The result is a unit that is not only resistant to physical attack but that also preserves perimeter security by preventing items being passed through the entry point.

  • Specification

    • Solid heavy steel plate rotors
    • Four arm rotor entry
    • Secure fail locking mechanism
    • Security locked equipment housing
    • Sealed for life heavy duty bearings
    • Programmable control unit
    • Mechanism resistant to jacking and levering
    • Continuously welded rugged design