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Broughton 800 Retractable Door Gate

  • Product Information

    The Heras Broughton 800 Retractable Door Gate is ideally suited where aesthetics need to be combined with high traffic levels, a very convenient system and a medium level of security.

    The systems combines speed with access control methods ensuring authorised users can pass with almost no delay. The optical detectors, clever microprocessor controls and high tech methacrylate clear retractable panels, prevent unauthorised passage. 

    Manufactured to particularly high standards of finish, the retractable flap gates are suitable for office entrances, receptions, banks, airports; in fact any prestige location where looks as well as operation are important.

    Available in single and dual lane units which can be combined to provide any number of passageways cost effectively. These gates are just one of a range of advanced entrance control products from the UK’s entrance control leader.

  • Specification

    • ‘No-contact’ passageways with absolutely no obstruction for authorised users.
    • High traffic flows — up to 60 passages per minute per lane.
    • Convenient and acceptable where conventional turnstiles would be shunned.
    • Normally closed for maximum security, or normally open for virtually delay free passage.
    • Advanced design uses stainless steel and high impact mouldings for vandal resistance.
    • Microprocessors control interfaces with all access technologies and membership systems. Factory default settings ensure simple ‘connect and operate’ installation.
    • Programmable ‘fail safe’ for power failure conditions.
    • Designed for continual (100% duty cycle) use; high flow rates & high reliability.