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Broughton 720 Turnstile

  • Product Information

    There has never been a greater need to monitor and control pedestrian access to sites. 

    The ‘Site-Guard’ controlled entrance system from the Heras Broughton range has been specifically designed to meet these challenges. The modular unit is supplied complete with access control software and identity cards which simply requires bolting down and connection to a power source.

    With the facility to provide detailed reports of entry and exit times, current site attendance and fully programmable to prevent or permit access to site for specific individuals at chosen times of the day, this system provides total accountability and peace of mind.

  • Specification

    • Modular design arrives on site as a complete, tested module requiring only fastening down and connection to power to become operational.
    • Integrated, pre-programmed, access control system with ID cards provided.
    • Access for each user an be programmed directly into the site-guard or by connecting a PC to the unit.
    • Only valid site users can gain access at the times programmed into the unit.
    • Access for any specific user can be easily denied at any time
    • Easy to retrieve detailed reports of user entry and exit times or complete listing of current personnel on site.
    • Rugged design and construction for demanding environments, weatherproof and vandal proof, with high quality coating for long life.