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Broughton 700 Full Height Turnstile

  • Product Information

    The Broughton 700 Full Height Turnstile provides easy to use, rugged and reliable, pedestrian control for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.

    The turnstiles are available in a range of configurations, materials and finishes to match a wide variety of security levels, operational and aesthetic requirements. Finishes include high quality polyester powder coatings in a wide range of colours and several grades of stainless steel. All components are designed to withstand the harshest external environments. A programmable solid state control unit interfaces to all available access control and membership systems.

    Where absolute control of pedestrian traffic is paramount a full height turnstile is a must and the Broughton Controls range is unmatched.

  • Specification

    • Continuously welded, rugged design, effective for unsupervised operation.
    • Reliability proven in football stadia, military sites etc. over long periods with minimum maintenance.
    • Available in 120 degree (three arm), 90 degree (four arm), straight or ‘trombone’ arms, solid rotor, and single or double configuration for all applications to the highest security.
    • Environmental finishes suitable for the most demanding environment.
    • Bi-directional electrical operation with rotor movement damped and controlled for user safety and convenience.
    • Programmable control unit allows use with all access control systems while factory default settings ensure extremely simple ‘connect and operate’ installation.
    • Key operated overrides allow operation during power failure, manual control and diagnostics.