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Broughton 320 Tracked Safe-Gate

  • Product Information

    The Broughton 320 (SHB) gate has a proven record, using only the finest workmanship combined with top quality materials. The result is a smooth running and versatile gate design using heavy-duty materials and free from cross-bracing for added security. The lack of cross-bracing means no footholds are available for intruders attempting to scale the gate and the standard serrated top-edge provides an additional level of security.

    Smooth operation is guaranteed by the self-cleaning stainless steel running track, built to last for years of trouble-free service. The modular design aids installation and allows for repairs to be easily and quickly carried out on site should any damage be sustained. The Broughton 320 (SHB) incorporates a range of safety features as standard to eliminate the risk of injury to pedestrians or damage to vehicles and the gate itself during operation.

  • Specifications

    • Standard elements
    • Steel vertical bars
    • Unique construction completely eliminates cross bracing
    • Serrated top anti climb strip
    • Nylon self lubricating guide rollers
    • Polyamide running wheels
    • Self cleaning stainless steel track
    • Short runback
    • All steel work is hot dip galvanised to Din 50976
    • Reliable, smooth operation through powerful 230v single phase motor with RPM reduction via a spiral wheel gearbox, safety clutch and Electro-magnetic brake
    • Micro-processor controlled
    • Inbuilt electronic travel proximity sensors control gate open and gate closed positions