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Geoquip Eliminator

  • Product Information

    The Eliminator system is the entry level CPNI approved product line, available in single or dual zone format, ideal for perimeters from 100m – 1000m.

    Eliminator effectively combines our newest fence mounted analyser with the cutting-edge Interceptor cable to produce an extremely sensitive detection level with the minimum of false alarms.

    Perimeter detection systems using Eliminator give the earliest possible warning of intruders. Security staff can monitor and verify any potential intrusion using the high quality audio produced by the highly sensitive Interceptor cable. Eliminator can also send alarm information to a wide selection of control room equipment such as CCTV, alarm management systems, and mimic panels. This ensures that control room staff are always immediately and fully informed of any suspect activity. In short, Eliminator is the ideal first line of defence against any intruders.

    Eliminator is easily linked via RS485 communication to the modern GeoLog Vision security management system. This provides the total, fully compatible, on-site security solution.