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Multi Use Games Area (MUGA)

  • Product Information

    A Multi Use Games Areas (MUGA) allows you to use one court to play a multitude of games such as football, tennis, basketball and netball.

    If opting for multiple MUGAs several sports can be played safely at the same time, with the use of Double Skin fencing to separate the playing areas providing a safe playing area for each court.

    Most sports systems on the market are using metal clips for the fencing resulting in a loud clattering noise when the fence is struck, Heras Sports systems reduce nuisance noise to surrounding areas by supplying plastic clips instead of metal that considerably reduce the noise level when a ball strikes the fence also providing a more friendly and enjoyable playing experience.

    Together with expert advice from Heras we can help design your ideal MUGA system in four simple steps. 

    Our expert sports division are on hand to offer advice, assess budgets, security and sporting requirements to design a system ideal for you. Contact us today to begin your design.

    The four simple Heras steps to your ideal pitch or MUGA

    1. Choose your mesh panel
    2. Choose the height
    3. Choose the number of gates
    4. Choose any added extras
  • Specification

    The Sports Pallas panel
    Available in 3m, 4m or 5m high
    Vertical twin wire system
    Anti-rattle clip reduces noise

    The Sports Multi-mesh Rebound panel
    Available in 3m, 4m or 5m high
    First 1.2m reinforced with multiple wires
    Anti-rattle clip reduces noise
    Unique rebound surface
    Robust and durable

  • Fixing Details

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  • Matching Gates

    Single Leaf gate: 2.0m high x 1.2m wide
    Double Leaf gate: 3.0m high x 3.0m wide
    Available to match either the Sports Pallas mesh or the Sports Combi Re-bound mesh.

  • 3D View

    MUGA Multi-Use Games Area by Fencesobj on Sketchfab

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