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Added extras

  • Product Information

    Double Skin 
    If building two MUGAs next to each other the Double Skin option is recommended for the internal fence lines which separate the courts. By adding double skin the fence you can create a suitable re-bound surface for each court. The panels are installed to both sides of the post to create the double skin effect.

    Radius Corner
    Corners of your sports pitch or MUGA can be upgraded to our radius corner option which is ideal for contact sport as it provides safer play.

    Basketball Hoop and Backboard
    If your MUGA will be used to play Basketball then hoops and backboards can be supplied. Our Basketball hoops are fitted to the top of our FA Goal recesses.

    Hockey Rebound Board
    Your panels can be supplied with suitable fixings for you or your contractor to easily attach a timber hockey board panel to the foot of the fence.

    • 2 brackets per post are supplied.
    • Brackets suit kickboards between heights of 100mm to 300mm.
  • Fixing Details

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