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  • Product information

    The Jupiter mesh fencing system is a 3000mm wide fence panel which makes for a cost effective budget system as the number of posts required is reduced. The fence panel benefits from two different edges, one barbed and one flush with the option to be installed either way for added safety or security.

    An effective form of crime prevention. The panels mesh is tightly configured ensuring there are no toe or finger holds. Enhancing resistance to vandalism and forced entry attempts.

    The system is available from 1800mm to 2400mm

  • Specification

    • Fence heights available in 1800mm, 2000mm & 2400mm.
    • Jupiter panels suit post centres of 3000mm.
    • The panels are manufactured using steel wires.
    • The system benefits from three horizontal profiles at the top, middle and bottom of the fence.
    • The mesh is configured to 50mm x 200mm and is welded at every intersection.
    • The system utilises our unique patented Hexaclip fixing which comprises of a two-piece clip and anti-tamper bolts.
  • Matching Gates

    Flat mesh is welded into our standard Heras gate frame for added security.
    As well as swing gates Heras also supplies a range of cantilever and tracked sliding gates.

  • 3D View

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