Frangible Fence

How to ensure that an airport fence can break upon impact

A fence that stops humans and animals and that is resistant against extreme winds, but in case of emergency will also break and prevent unnecessary damage to the plane.

The Runway End Safety Area (RESA) is the safe environment of a landing strip and must be mostly level and obstacle free. A fence in a RESA must be able to break in order to minimize damage to the plane, for example when the plane skids after a landing. And when it touches the fence, the plane must retain the intended flight direction as much as possible.

Heras Frangible Fence is a breakthrough in this regard. The first airport specific solution that is not made of composite. Intrinsically stable (aluminium), yet breakable, affordable and aesthetic.

Notified TNO body: “After evaluation of the two experiments done on the test material delivered by Heras B.V. and the type of fail mechanism occurring during the experiments, TNO declares that the permanent fencing meets the ICAO requirements of the Aerodrome Design Manual part 6 – Frangibility.”

  • Base: existing fence line Heras (Heracles)
  • Panel assembly through blind connections
  • Section elements between already separated stands
  • After impact the fence line will break off fragmented

Experts in perimeter protection

Physical perimeter protection is best explained as systems and technologies designed to protect people and assets within a defined area by preventing unauthorised physical intrusions.

The primary defense is the perimeter boundary for which we designed the Heras Security Model. This model serves 5 goals: to demarcate the boundary of the premises, to deter, delay and detect unwanted intrusion and to deny access for unauthorised parties.

Heras has successfully met and exceeded customer safety and security needs across Europe for almost 70 years. It is this track record, combined with the ever-developing skill set of our personnel that enables us to say that we are the experts in perimeter protection.

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