As a Product Manager, you will guide and influence cross-functional teams charged with product line contribution. You are responsible for increasing profitability of your product line through active portfolio management and the balancing of external opportunities against cost. You will build products, solutions and services from existing ideas, and help to develop new ideas based on your industry experience, market research and contact with customers and end users. You must possess a unique blend of business savvy and technical know-how; a big-picture vision, and the drive to make that vision a reality. You must be able to communicate with all areas of the company at all levels, including: development (engineering), communications, sales, project management, finance, logistics. You must enjoy spending time with end users to understand their problems then find and deliver innovative solutions suitable for the broader market.


  • Be the VOC within the organisation and the evangelist for your products everywhere;
  • Target and achieve product volume, revenue and gross profit targets, including regular financial reporting on your product line;
  • Active portfolio management and marketing, including (but not limited to) tracking changing customer needs, competitor actions, supplier-side improvements, technology innovations the appropriately triggering new product development, upgrades or obsolesce, by:
  • specifying market requirements and initial business cases for future products based upon user/customer insights, market research & competitive intelligence, sales project opportunities, sales forecast and commitments.
  • value based price management, initiating market price adjustments and/or value cost/value engineering activities to balance gross profit targets and market price;
  • managing the obsolescence process to optimize product mix, minimize scrap/stock cost and ensure contributing products are in focus;
  • communicating portfolio changes to the relevant parties within the organization and ensuring the message is cascaded to customer base;
  • continuous marketing communication effort to maximize return on investment over the entire lifecycle.


  • Chair product launch team (PLT) giving overall direction to country marketing and communication regarding product offering, market situation and competitive landscape;
  • Ensure development (engineering) team understand and deliver product aligned with the needs of the customer (requirements) and the customer willingness to spend (cost target);
  • Competitor benchmarking;
  • Generation and validation of product marketing message;
  • Identify and support training needs in both sales and technical team for new and existing products.


  • Strong communicator, convincing, ambitious, pro-active attitude, analytical;
  • Technical/marketing education university level (experience or knowledge in marketing/technical field counter to education);
  • Minimum 5 years experience as product marketing manager, product manager or marketing manager;
  • Proven track record for applying the B2B product marketing toolkit in an industrial setting.

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