Industrial locations commonly put greater importance on boundary performance and cost, in terms of vandal resistance and security.

Welded mesh panel fences, such as the Pallas Xtra system, now starting to increase in popularity for industrial fencing.

In many instances industrial locations tend to use these functional fences around their ‘hidden’ boundaries but then have more attractive systems at the front of their offices or where visitors are expected.

For this reason our mesh systems are recommended, these systems blend into environments while maintaining the demarcation and security status.

The Tangorail TR100 and TR250 systems are also growing in popularity in these sectors.

Our range of Swing and Sliding gates are popular pedestrian and vehicle access systems within the Industrial sector.

Heras Recommend:
Triton, Pallas Xtra , Zenith, TR100 Standard, TR250 Security, Gates

Common Applications:
Suitable for use in industrial fencing providing a low cost vandal resistant boundary demarcation protection industrial property.