Heras have experience supplying Contractors with a range of perimeter systems ideal for the Utilities industry. From Secure perimeter fencing to internal demarcation fencing, from swing and sliding gates to pedestrian turnstiles.

Our high security systems are designed to offer high deterrence and to increase the amount of time and effort that is required to attack and get through or over them. Our High Security Fencing options have SR1, SR2 approved status providing that added extra protection.

Our systems provide aesthetically pleasing secure options with obvious defence systems to deter and delay any attacks on boundaries.

Our High Security range includes Security Rated  mesh fencing, Railings and Security Rated Pedestrian and Vehicle Gates and Turnstiles.

Heras Recommend:
Zenith SR1, Zenith Double Skin SR2, , Pallas Xtra, TR250 Security, Defiant Pedestrian, Gates, 970 Turnstile

Common Applications:
Suitable for use in high security locations such as Water, Gas, Oil, Electric and sensitive sites.