Schools today have an obligation to secure their perimeters so that visitor access is limited to being by the approved entrance ways. The fences on these perimeters also need to have good vandal resistance qualities (they are attacked from both sides) as well as, preferably, having good aesthetics.

Schools also have requirements for internal fences, mainly for playgrounds and sports pitch surrounds, and these are covered under their respective headings elsewhere.

The more popular options are the stronger Mesh Fencing such as Triton or Pallas or our Self-raking railing systems, Heras can supply the TR800 Play range of railings manufactured to RoSPA guidelines so there are no finger, neck or head traps.

The unique self-raking design follows the contours of the ground  ensuring there are no gaps beneath the panels heightened safety and security, this system is also cost effective as it reduces the number of panels and post required as there is no unsightly stepping causing gaps.

The non-welded design not only allows for quick installation, the railing adjustments can be made on site.

Heras can also supply out sale mesh fencing system Apollo, with rolled top and bottom edges ensuring there are no sharp protruding areas. Heras can also offer a range of vandal resistant mesh fencing as well as our range of budget mesh fencing.

Heras Recommend:
TR800 Play, Self-closing gate, TR700 Bow TopApollo, Triton, Budget mesh fencing, Gates

Common Applications:
Suitable for use in all environments especially where children are likely to be present.