Data centres

Secured cloud storage begins with reliable security & access control

For the systems, networks and installations that keep our society running, it is vital to be operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After all, these organisations guarantee our safety, economy and public health. The loss of one of these has enormous consequences for the entire country.

The security of data centres has just one purpose: to keep unwanted people out. To make sure they can do no harm.

By looking together at what is appropriate for your situation, we provide reliable and committed advice. Then, with our expert solutions for securing your premises, we ensure the preservation of safety, economy and public health.

We have been meeting and exceeding the security needs of customers throughout Europe for almost 70 years. It is thanks to this track record, together with the ever-growing professionalism of our staff, that we can call ourselves experts in perimeter protection.

Would you like to learn more about the world of perimeter protection or do you need help building your own perimeter protection? We are happy to help!

The interactive illustration below shows a total Heras solution for a data centre. Click on the spots with the cursor to get more information about the products.


The security of datacenters has only one goal: to keep unwanted people out and to make sure they can't do any harm.

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Reliable intrusion detection is essential to identify unauthorised crossing of a perimeter and allow time for an adequate response.

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Camera systems

Camera systems are an integral component of any integrated security solution. Camera observation and video management systems are a valuable addition to optimize your security.

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Welded mesh Zenith

Zenith system offers a high level of protection against vandalism, intrusion and terrorist activity thanks to the combination of its anti-climbing 358 mesh system

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Turnstile B700

The B700 turnstile provides easy-to-use, rugged and reliable, high security pedestrian control. Available in a range of configurations, materials and finishes.

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sGate trackless

sGate trackless offers an ideal combination of safety, speed and reliability for locations with frequent vehicle movements requiring controlled access.

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Communication pillar/column

The pillar/column houses interfaces such as intercom, card readers and camera’s. Heras supplies a wide range of electronic access control interfaces.

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Barrier 94x-series

The 94x series is a range of heavy-duty, vandal resistant dual beam barriers which have been crash tested to PAS 68. The 94x series is scalable, offering the potential to upgrade protection levels if site security requirements are increased.

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Sliding gate Delta

The Delta sliding gate boasts the latest technology and has been successfully tested for all relevant safety norms (EN and BS). Ideal for harbour entrances, plus busy industrial and commercial locations where a wide entrance is required.

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