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Covid-19 update

Heras is closely monitoring guidelines published by the Government and the NHS on a daily basis and is reacting appropriately.  We want to reassure you that we are doing all that we can to assist in minimising the spread of the virus.

To prevent the further spread of Covid-19 Heras has implemented the following;

  • All of our staff have access to hand sanitiser;
  • We are asking visitors to use hand sanitisers;
  • We have a contingency plan in place with the cleaning company for deep cleans, as required;
  • We are tracking very carefully who visit our branches at what time;
  • All of our staff that can work from home have been allowed to do so;
  • We have placed a ban on all non-essential travel;
  • We are regularly updating our staff on NHS recommendations and guidance.

We are still working together to design, manufacture, install and maintain perimeter protection solutions that suit every sector and situation. Even in these very challenging times for you and us, we meet all requests and obligations from our customers and partners. When following the guidelines of NHS and how to prevent further spreading of the virus, we ask that you do not shaking hands with our employees and of course we also respect your wishes regarding the preferred way of contact.