Heras welcomes the introduction of the UK’s Modern Slavery Act and supports fully all efforts to combat any abuse of human rights. Although the majority of CRH Group companies are not obliged under the Act to publish a Modern Slavery Statement, CRH plc has decided to do so voluntarily as part of its commitment to maintaining robust ethical business practices.
Accordingly, this statement is made in respect of CRH Group.

As an ethical business, CRH is committed to ensuring that it abides at all times by the principles outlined in its Code of Business Conduct (COBC). CRH is committed to doing business in a sustainable, responsible and ethical manner with its customers, suppliers, business partners, local governments and communities, shareholders and employees alike. It builds lasting relationships based on trust and underpinned by its core values of integrity, honesty and respect for the law. These core values have guided CRH’s approach to business since its foundation and a commitment to these values is a fundamental requirement of every CRH employee and every CRH business.

This Statement, which is made on behalf of CRH plc and its subsidiaries, outlines the steps that CRH has taken to ensure that
slavery and human trafficking is not taking place within either its own businesses or its supply chains.

CRH Modern Slavery Statement